Thursday, December 1, 2011

BABOR Derma Refiner Set

BABOR Derma Refiner Set
BABOR Derma Refiner Set BABOR Derma Refiner Set
Stress, hormonal changes and environmental factors can damage the skin and increase the effects of natural aging over the years. The visible results are wrinkles, pigment abnormalities, acne and enlarges pores. Say good bye to aggressive chemical peelings because after years of research, BABOR has developed a mild, yet extremely effective skin care series for skin renewal called Derma Refiner. Using the highly effective perfection Peptide P3, BABOR Derma Refiner is an exceptionally gentle yet deep-reaching peel which cleanses significantly deeper than conventional mechanical and biological peelings. It works by accelerating the rate of cell division in the skin, which automatically triggers the formation of new cells. The skin then restructures itself, leaving the surface finer, more even and without wrinkles. BABOR Derma Refiner Set includes: BABOR Derma Refiner Enzyme cleanser (10 g) – Activates the regeneration process and prepare the skin for DAY or NIGHT Cream. BABOR Derma Refiner Day Cream (50 ml) – With Perfection Peptide P3, accelerates the skin’s exfoliating process. Provides additional care throughout the day with allantoin, panthenol and vitamin E. Contains SPF 15. BABOR Derma Refiner Night Cream (50 ml) –Regenerating care, rich in nourishing oils, Squalene and oils of Macadamia, Avocado and Sesame. Also work to moisturize the skin and assist its natural protective function.  

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